Ceatro Group is a research and consulting firm that helps organizations better understand people, design and manage their experiences better, and get better results across the enterprise.


Ceatro Group was created in 2010 by Cynthia White. After 14 years of practicing under different brands and with the support of the consulting firm she was with at the time and her clients, Cynthia moved her practices in customer understanding and customer needs consulting to newly created Ceatro Group. Cynthia’s work always fit very nicely with large management consulting projects – product redesigned, call center efficiency projects,  corporate transformational efforts, global cost cutting initiatives, supply chain strategy projects, etc. Ceatro continues this model in direct partnerships with large consulting firms and/or when clients attach a Ceatro project to an existing consulting project.

The formation of Ceatro Group has added a new type of work – more flexible and more accessible consulting projects to enable more organizations to begin building their own customer understanding and experience practices while also solving immediate needs – a three week project to map an existing employee experience, a multi-month project to define a customer experience strategy, an experience design effort for a new product, the creation of an annual customer research program, and so on.



  • If organizations place as much importance on designing and managing experiences as we do with other internal processes key metrics would improve. Significantly.
  • In order to design and manage people’s experience, we have to understand people’s needs without bias, use subjective and objective external inputs along with internal inputs, make definitive trade-offs, define people-orient metrics along with operational and strategic metrics, and never stop monitoring, correcting, and innovating.
  • These should be internal competency for all organizations (but until they are we are here to help you do it and then teach you how to do it.)
  • We hope to have to reinvent ourselves one day when all organizations learn to do this themselves.



Often asked about the origin and meaning of our name (pronounced see-ahh-tro) we are tempted to make up a really good story about it. The story would start with Cynthia hiking through a mountain range while pondering her future silently for weeks on end  . . .  but someone would quickly call our bluff. Not only is Cynthia an unlikely hiker, she surely can’t be silent for a day, let alone a week!

The truth is we wanted a name that was pithy, short, memorable, and was clear of legal, social, and ethical conflict. Most importantly, we wanted the ‘dot com’ domain. The latter was much harder than all the other criteria! Ceatro was created out of whole cloth – and it turns out we really love it!