How do you know how well you are doing? You measure. Ideally, frequently and objectively.

A holistic program of measuring includes customer research, competitive research, internal assessments, and third-party assessments. Ceatro Group works with clients to establish industry, company, customer, and partner metrics to measure specific experiences and performance from each stakeholder’s perspective. We perform the assessment monthly, quarterly, or biannually and provide insights and reports that help our clients improve their business immediately and overtime.

Recent Assessments

Type of Assessment Specific Assessment Scope

Customer Experience Pharmacy purchasing and inquiry Monthly; National
Customer Experience Ice cream buying experience One time; International
Customer Experience Full spectrum customer experience, all channels Ongoing; Global
Customer Experience Returning complex consumer product Quarterly; Online
Customer Experience Buying and installing software Quarterly; Global
Feedback Consumer Financial Services One time; National
Program Effectiveness Health improvement with consumer device 6 Months, ongoing; Regional
Program Effectiveness Loyalty program consistency and accuracy 1 year, ongoing; Global
Marketing Franchisee Adherence to Policy and Placement Monthly; National
Implementation Effectiveness Software Implementation Consistency and Accuracy Monthly; Global