Consultant On Call

Helping companies solve problems, provide more valuable services, products, and experiences, and get better business results happens everyday, not just during the big projects. Using a retainer-based consulting model, our clients are able to get quick, knowledgeable, and trusted consulting support whenever their business needs it.

Our Consultant on Call clients sign up for annual packages of consulting hours* and discounts on additional hours when/if needed. Whether developing models, creating or redesigning strategies, reviewing plans, processes, data, and metrics, troubleshooting, advising, preparing content, or acting as an interim executive or leader, we support our Consultant On Call clients with any short-term consulting need.

How it works: Typically, we spend a few hours kicking off the new relationship – learning the organizations, product, customer, and supplier structure, and assessing current and upcoming consulting needs.  We establish a process and preferred communication style with each client so that we can to clarify and estimate each request –  including the time it will take, when it is needed, what level of detail, veracity, and polish is needed, and what the output format should be – and then we commit to a delivery date. We stay in touch with out client as needed or as requested which may include periodic emails, meetings, interim deliverables, and/or presentations. And once that request is done, we wait to hear from them when they need us next.

*If your needs include both consulting and research services we can create a blended package of Consultant On Call and Research On Call hours

Recent Requests

  • Participating in a day executive session to assess a new market
  • Developing a 5-year market and product model for a new drug
  • Designing a software reseller program
  • Mapping the customer experience for a high-value B2B segment
  • Designing new revenue-driving service concepts for a consumer company
  • Acting as an interim CMO organization for new product spin-out
  • Developing strategies and content each month for board of director’s presentation

4 Weeks

  • This package provides a moderate level of support for a concentrated effort or ongoing needs over a few months
  • It also offers a 10% discount on all future hours

2 Weeks

  • This package provides a low level of support for a ongoing needs or exclusive support for a well-defined short project
  • It also offers a 5% discount on all future hours

1 Week

  • This is a great way to get to know Ceatro if you haven’t worked with us yet or plan out a bigger effort.
  • It also offers a 2% discount on all future hours


  • Consider this package of bucket of hours for ongoing monthly support, interim staff support, or specific project with evolving scope
  • It also offers a 5-15% discount on all future hours