Custom Research

We specialize in research inquiries that help organizations learn and understand things about their customers, prospects, partners, employees, and another relevant group of people that require an in depth, empathetic approach and have a strong impact on core parts of the business.

Recent Projects

  • How ‘lead users’ think about, use, and apply a specific cutting edge business analytics practice
  • The real experience of critical supply chain partners
  • How pet owners choose veterinary care and other pet services
  • Driving and car servicing habits and expectations of Middle East consumers
  • Police, Fire, and EMT customer needs for a new public safety emergency technology
  • How 5 different segments select and buy food at a specific category of restaurants
  • The employer experience online when recruiting, searching, and acquiring job candidates
  • The needs of US based institutional investors related to financial vehicles and service providers
  • Customer needs for the next generation telecom customer loyalty program
  • Barriers to employee adoption of a new global product development process
  • Issues in the admissions process in retirement homes and assisted living facilities
  • Telecom operators’ expectations and motivations when working with a mobile phone manufacturer as a partner and/or a supplier
  • Business users’ needs and experiences booking and rebooking business travel
  • Clients’ perspectives on project success in large management consulting projects
  • The buying and upgrading process of a large-investment technology at government agencies
  • The experience of the non-technical buyer in research, purchasing, and installing virtualization software
  • The online and offline experience teenagers and parents have  researching, registering, and taking college entrance exams
  • Patient experience requirements for the adoption of a new drug
  • Perceptions of electric and hybrid vehicles in 3 distinct countries


Research Approach

Ceatro Group works with its clients to determine the best research methodologies and project structure to deliver the necessary insights and business results. Our goal is to get our clients the best information and insights possible. The only way to do that is to custom design each project. Though we don’t have one go-to research methodology that we apply to all situations we do favor qualitative methodologies and smaller studies because they usually provide the best access to underlying insights that are otherwise hard to see.

Sample Methodologies: One on one interviews/IDI, Ethnography, Observation, Journaling, Product testing, Concept testing, Gamification, Surveys, Conjoint studies, Intercepts, Mystery shopping

Sample Locations and Channels: In-person, home, office, retail store, doctor’s office, research facility, at conferences, online, video based, online communities, phone