Research On Call

Sometimes you just need more resources, different talent, more hours, a different perspective, an objective perspective, and/or an offsite team. That’s us. We work with our Research On Call clients to support their secondary and primary research efforts –  some take a few hours, some take a few weeks – through out the year and produce data and insights that are needed to drive their business forward.

Our Research on Call clients sign up for annual packages of research hours* and discounts on additional hours when/if needed. This retainer approach enables Ceatro to become an integrated part of the client’s team and seamlessly jump in when called.

How it works: Typically, we spend a few hours kicking off the new relationship – learning the organizations, product, customer, and supplier structure, and assessing current and upcoming research needs.  We establish a process and preferred communication style with each client so that we can to clarify and estimate each request –  including the time it will take, when it is needed, what level of detail, veracity, and polish is needed, and what the output format should be – and then we commit to a delivery date. We stay in touch with out client as needed or as requested which may include periodic emails, meetings, interim deliverables, and/or presentations. And once that request is done, we wait to hear from them when they need us next.

*If your needs include both research and consulting services we can create a blended package of Research On Call and Consultant On Call hours


Recent Requests

  • Collect secondary research on competitive reseller programs
  • Uncover existing and current data on strokes and heart disease in the US
  • Inventory the marketing collateral and look and feel 10 competitive products
  • Create, field, and analyze a product survey to an existing list of names
  • Support a product team’s weekly research needs during a maternity leave
  • Gather market and competitive data consideration of sunsetting an existing product

5 Weeks

  • This package provides a moderate level of support for a concentrated effort or 1-2 days per month all year
  • It also offers a 20% discount on all future hours

2.5 Weeks

  • This package provides a low level of support for a ongoing needs, support for a small survey or data analysis
  • It also offers a 10% discount on all future hours

1.5 Weeks

  • This is a great way to get to know Ceatro if you haven’t worked with us yet or need help determining future research needs
  • It also offers a 2% discount on all future hours


  • Consider this package a bucket of hours for ongoing monthly support or specific project with evolving scope
  • It also offers a 5-15% discount on all future hours