We train people to do what we do. We believe that most employees are able to do almost everything we do (the exception being the things that need a third-party perspective) and we believe that the more people that can improve experiences the better it will be for all of us.

We provide 3 categories of trainings – training during projects, custom training for clients, and virtual training for individuals.

Training During Project: During the scoping phase of custom projects, we work with our clients to determine how much knowledge-transfer and employee training each wants to include in the project.

Custom Trainings: Designed in collaboration with our client and their HR team, we provide trainings that produce greater awareness, useful skills, and business impact. All training schedules, formats, and content are custom designed

Virtual Trainings: With the understanding that sometimes you just need or want to learn  outside of your work environment, we periodically offer virtual training classes for individuals. Each class is typically made up of four 2 hour classes across 4 weeks (8 hours total) and 2 individual coaching sessions/discussion (2 hours.) Let us know if you’d like to receive updates on our  training sessions.



Recent Trainings

Content Client Format

Working with Customer Requirements Product and Marketing Teams,
Global Technology Company
3 days onsite + virtual coaching sessions
Designing a Deep Qualitative B2B
Interview Guide
Innovation Team,
Medical Device Company
5 virtual sessions, 2 hours each over 3 weeks
Introduction to Mapping Experiences Cross-Enterprise Group,
Consumer Electronics Company
2 day onsite workshop
Customer Experience for Executives Executive Team,
Education Tech Company
Half-day onsite + ongoing individual sessions
“Stand In Your Customers’ Shoes” Immersion Leadership Team,
Financial Services Company
3 onsite workshops + 3 immersions over 3 months

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