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Can You Hear Negative Feedback?

Last week, while cleaning out my file cabinet, I came across 20 years of my work performance reviews. From the early days of Forrester Research to my last role before Ceatro Group at PRTM (now PwC Advisory) and a few in between, there, in black and white, were all my...

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Simplify Your Customer Experience

Do your customers love what you sell but don't love doing business with you? Are you losing customers even though product satisfaction is high? You aren't alone. Many organizations focus their design, development, and management efforts on what they consider "the...

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Make Eye Contact Every Time – Even Virtually

Eye contact. It's a big deal. It makes us feel like we are connecting with the other person. It makes use feel like the other person sees us as human and cares what we are saying. (They may not but at least if feels that way.)  Eye contact is personal, welcoming, and...

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Grocery Shopping With My Father

My father's approach to life can be summed up as a nice blend of fun and pragmatic and our father-daughter bonding time is no different: go to lunch, check the oil and windshield wiper fluid in my car, and run a few errands. Recently my father and I went grocery...

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Part 6: Making Changes To The Customer Experience

Once the customer experience is in the market and you are actively managing it (everyday) there will come a time when making a change to is warranted, demanded, or desired. Making a change is different than managing the experience.  Managing the customer experience...

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Part 5: Managing The Customer Experience

In our experience most customer experiences go haywire for two reasons: It wasn't intentionally designed in the first place It isn't managed We broadly covered the first issue in part 3 of this series (and will do so in more detail in the coming weeks). Let's start...

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Part 4: Executing The Customer Experience Design

As a reminder of where we are in the 6 part series: we have defined customer experience, we have gotten sponsorship from a strong executive and he or she has marshalled the organization, we have learned all the important things that matter for our customer experience...

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Part 3: Choosing The Right Experience (For Your Customers)

The experience itself is the The Big Show, right? You may have noticed that in this 6 part series only 1 of the days is dedicated to talking about what the experience itself is and the other 5, more or less, are focused on how to make it happen. This is intentional....

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Part 2: Organizational Fortitude

Most people agree that having, and providing, a great customer experience makes sense. Ceatro Group rarely encounters an executive that doesn't wholeheartedly agree with the notion that great customer experience improves revenue, loyalty, and satisfaction across the...

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Forrester Research includes Ceatro Group in 2 Reports

Forrester analyzes the service design and customer experience vendor landscape. We are proud to be an early player in the space. “The State of Service Design, 2013: A Sea Of Small Agencies Delivers Strategic Customer Experience Offerings" “Service Design Agency...

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